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Coach and NVC Certified Trainer
21 noiembrie 2015, 9.30-18.00

Raising children is one of the most natural and rewarding experiences life has to offer. Why then, does it sometimes seem so difficult and challenging? Most of the self-help materials focus on the mother with perhaps a chapter devoted to how the father can help her. So we fathers are often left to work it all out for ourselves. If only we were born with fathering SuperPowers! In fact I believe we were born with them just we often don’t realize. 

This series of workshops will help you re-discover and enhance 4 of your powers that will help you become a SuperDad. These are Intention, Attention, Empathy and Authenticity. The workshop is based on Nonviolent Communication (NVC), a transformative approach to communication and relationships developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg. 

21th of November from 9.30 to 18.00 price: 275 lei/ person, at Lumea lui MOMO

Objectives Discover the kind of father you want to be, the values most important to you, and the principles you want to follow in being a father Enhance your capacity to be fully present with yourself and with your children when you are together Learn how to be honest with your children and to share with them more of who you really are What to expect The workshop will be in English. 

Topics covered are: 
  • What kind of father do you want to be? 
  • How to really listen to your child? 
  • Expressing yourself in ways more likely to get heard 
  • Improving the quality of time you spend with your kids. 
  • We’ll learn through exercises, role plays, discussions and from sharing our experiences. 
Please note – this is a men only workshop!

No previous knowledge is needed, but if you would like to get an idea about NVC before attending then you could do this, for example, by reading Marshall Rosenberg’s ‘Nonviolent Communication’ or by watching this free video presentation by Marshall (3 hours) Trainer

Ian Peatey Ian was born in UK and has a lived in Eastern Europe since 1994 with a successful business career with PricewaterhouseCoopers and more recently as a coach with Coaching Partnership. In 2001 he came across Nonviolent Communication and immediately experienced its transformative approach to life, self and relationships. He has been a Certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication since 2008 and, together with his wife Monica Reu, runs Asociatia Pentru Comunicare Non-Violenta ( He has 3 daughters aged 23, 12 and 5.

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